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Bass Clef Books is a small, independent press based in the heartland of Kentucky, USA. BCB’s mission is to promote contemporary works of writing that would be essential to the growth of creative language crafts from a broad aesthetic choir through a general submission platform and a Sophomore Chapbook Contest.

Occasionally, we will offer an anthology, which may include, fiction and nonfiction.

We will announce special projects as they emerge.

The publisher welcomes all voices and forms.

Visit BCB's STORE.

BCB accepts generous donations of any amount
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Busy Being Eve Yvonne Morris

 In this ethereal collection, Busy Being Eve, where love is “set afire,” I am lulled by the “faraway surf” of air ducts, then quickly pulled out of this dream by the “bang of a glass on the bar”. Here cities are held inside us. We cast massive shadows. The land is our body and the body our land. There is sickness here, and I hang on for dear life as I wade through these poems. I watch while the life around us is eaten by concrete and steel. This collection, a craft of loss, howls in my heart long after the pages have closed.


                                                         —Jan LaPerle, author of Maybe the Land Sings Back

Bass Clef Books is an imprint of MARZEK Publishing

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